Bimini Tops

Bimini Tops


Made with zippers for easy cleaning.
Seams double sewn.

Mail them your old one and they will send you a brand new one. Free shipping USA.

For a price just give them the length and width and how many polls.

   No one exceeds the best-in-class warranties that ensure Sunbrella fabrics' superior performance for years. Not only that, but Sunbrella fabrics now provide even greater water repellency than before with no loss of breathability. Of course, they also offer unsurpassed service, durability and color-selection on all interior and exterior fabrics.
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Stainless steel Fittings

Bimini hardware


Marine fabric comparison chart

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Sunbrella Bimini Tops
Sunbrella Bimini Tops

Made with zippers for easy cleaning. Seams double sewn. Mail them your old one and they will send you a brand new one. Free shipping ...

Boat top Fittings

On line stainless steel boat snaps and Bimini top Fittings.
Stainless steel Boat hardware
Eye ends
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Enclosures and Bimini Tops


Clear Double-Polished Vinyl  20 or 30 gauge .All corners and windows have added protection. Poles with snaps or socks Stainless steal snaps or colored. Seams doubled sewn

Take care of your clear vinyl Eisenglass

Some spray bug killers and other type of sprays will eat right into your Eisebglass. Don't use paper towels if you left any dirt on the window it will scratch it. Do not leave it in your dock box and let it bake the heat drys it out. For winter try to store it flat.Spay your vinyl down with water before you clean it get any dirt off before you clean. How do I get clouds or extreme wrinkles out? - The sun will take out clouds caused by trapped moisture as well as wrinkles over time. A heat gun or hair dryer can be used to accelerate this process

      Can                                                                  Can not
  • Mild Soap and Water
  • Vinegar and Water
  • Terry Cloth Towel
  • Soft Brushes
  • Glass Cleaners
  • Avoid any spray (bug,hair,cleaners,etc.)
  • Paper Towels
  • News paper
  • Lemon Pledge
  • Rainex

Dock line Holder

Keep loose lines and power cords neatly in place. Durable Sunbrella 2 inch band snaps over any rail, lifeline or stanchion. Snap the bottom section around your coil of rope or cord to secure. Match the rest of your canvas. 9.95 ea
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 Just pick out your fabric on this page an email us the color


Bimini Top Straps 

Heavy duty straps made to least years.

With buckle slide release

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Stainless Steel Bimini Fittings
Stainless Steel Bimini Fittings

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